Megaland Aliens
A dream to remember!

Private sale: 0.07 ETH per NFT

Public sale: 0.1 ETH per NFT

Check your points in Dream Lab!


A world not very far away


Megaland Discovered

Januray 23, 1989, a cold night in many cities around the world. While many people were asleep, an strange electromagnetic wave hit earth. It was the night when dreams of a group of people crossed each other and a common world in their dreams was discovered, Megaland!


Shared Dream

After the incident, no one knew that they were sharing a collective dream; Several psychologists around the world noticed some of their patients were portraying a common world when they were talking about their dreams. A scientific publication from one of these psychologists brought these researchers and dreamers together.


Life on Megaland

For those who could experience Megaland, it was a universe with dreamy features. A universe in which people from the past, present, or future and from any part of the earth could connect with each other and experience their feelings. A universe where such connections would synchronize their strengths and weaknesses.



Megaland is the universe of extraordinary and unusual events. People entering Megaland not only experience new events but also experience new bodies. Their appearances are from their life events on earth. New body shapes and abilities are usually alien to new Megalandiers. The question is who is alien; the dreamer or his/her self Megalandier?!


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    Website Launch

    Introduction of Megaland Aliens and Dream Lab to the community and sneak previews of the NFT artworks

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    Private sale & Rarirty Rankings

    Minting will be through private sale events. Rarity table will be published after 15% sale.

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    NFT Holder benefits

    Megaland Aliens NFT owners will receive points from the time they mint their NFTs. User points will determine their degree of freedom (DOF) in Dream Lab

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    Enter Dream Lab and Mint Extraordinary Creatures

    After minting is completed, Megaland Alien NFTs owners will get access to Megaland Dream Lab where they can mint extraordinary creatures that would evolve only on Megaland

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    Megaland Dream Lab Community DAO

    We will be creating a Megaland Community DAO. The community DAO will be used to vote on the future direction of the project to build value for the project and holders

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Lead Artist

Benjamin Bash

Head of Strategy


Head of Developing Team




Business Advisor


Front-end Developer


Marketing Team


Financial Advisor


Total supply is 10,101 Megaland Aliens NFTs

These are the first NFTs of Megaland Aliens collection offered at a discounted rate to the community.

The collection will be submitted for Rarity ranking after the private sale. Also, the rarity table will be presented on the website after 15% sale.

After minting, NFTs can be bought or sold on Opensea or any other marketplaces that support ERC-721

Dream Lab opens up new opportunities for those dreamers who want to explore more within this new world and to create new dreams. Megaland NFT holders will be able to enter the lab, observe new creations, play, and mint.